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A Beautiful Sight

This morning I saw a beautiful sight
That illustrated a wonderful spirit.
At first I felt somewhat afraid.
I looked with hesitancy, watching it.

I went to our back yard to look
At the trees, flowers and the sun.
I stopped short as I went out.
There was a squirrel having fun.

He was on the ground, sitting up
And was eating something he had found.
Our dog was with me and she has killed
Small animals, though she is not a hound.

I stood transfixed as the dog looked.
She walked slowly toward the animal.
And went within about eight feet of him,
Doing nothing. She did no harm at all.

She took care of her "business"
And then sniffed around the yard.
The squirrel kept right on eating,
Going neither forward nor backward.

To me, this was a picture of peace,
Peace between two sworn enemies.
Wouldn't it be wonderful today
If humans could be that friendly?

Lord, show us how to copy
These simple animals' behavior.
Let us act in peace, dear Lord.
Let us look upon others with favor.

Thank you Lord, for revealing to me
Such a wonderful picture of peace,
Peace that I pray all can have.
'Tis such a sweet picture of release.

Surely, people who love the Lord
Can have peace with one another.
Lord, let us have such peace
As we live with each other.

Lord, let us not look at color
Nor difference in Church name.
Let us consider each other as
Brother and Sister, all the same.

2007 Williams O Adams
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