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Do I Love You?

I speak the words so often,
Yet are they really true?
Do I walk a walk of love...
Deep abiding love for you?

Is my heart contrite and broken,
Seeing others suffer pain?
Do I turn aside indifferent…
Words of comfort, I refrain?

Do I truly love You?
Is Gods love within my heart?
If it is, I’ll walk like Jesus,
And His word will not depart.

True love comes from God
And to know Him is to Love.
It’s written on our hearts
Precious gift from God above.

Let it flow from us to others,
Soothing balm to heal a heart,
Giving hope to the hopeless,
And peace to all impart.
Help me Lord to remember…
Each and every day,
To take time to help others
Share their burdens on the way.

Let my words be sweet as honey.
Shine your light upon my face.
So when others look upon me,
They see Your Love and Grace.

© 2007 Marie Williams

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