Feed My Sheep

Breathe upon us, Holy Spirit.
Fill in us afresh, a new
Heart's desire to be Thy servant;
Yielded, Lord, to only You.

"Feed my sheep, my heart still pleading.
You, who labour in fields of gold,
Feed my lambs. 'Tis you I'm sending.
They are hungry, lost, and cold.

Under shepherds, hear them crying;
Bruis'd by stones their tender feet.
Guide them to my fold of comfort;
Mercies new and ever sweet.

Wand'ring long in driest deserts,
Thirsting for E'erlasting,
Spring waters in you o'erflowing.
Lil' lost ones won't you bring?

Wait not for tomorrow's sunrise.
Bring them while it is today.
Night is falling, wolves are threatening
To devour ones that stray.

Blow the trumpet, search the by ways.
Fast and pray, unceasingly.
I am Jesus Christ, your Saviour.
Feed my sheep. Bring them to me.

I am Alpha and Omega, first and last;
Soon coming King.
Feed my sheep, The Great Commission.
Let Salvation's Joy Bell Ring!"

2002 by Mary Carter Mizrany
Visit Mary at On Wings of Faith and Garment of Praise
This poem may be used in its entirety, with credits
in tact, for non-profit ministering purposes.



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