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Just a Glimpse of Heaven

I saw the third Heaven, the other night;
Awesome it was to see.
I had only a glimpse of Heaven.
How wonderful Heaven will be.

'Tis beauty beyond measure,
Like the glittering of the brightest stars.
Yet, this was so much more;
With hope for no more hate and wars.

There was a valley and,
Sloping up a hill, I could so clearly see
Designs and colors of jewels;
Shapes that fit together perfectly.

Joy rose up inside me.
Tears from my eyes began to fall
Upon the ground that I knew was
Holy, and I knew Jesus was over all.

When I saw Jesus inside the Heaven,
His beauty unsurpassed,
As the glittering mountain,
In treasures, I looked on past.

Just a glimpse of Heaven;
'Just how real it 'tis' is all I need to know.
So, when this life is o'er,
With my sweet Lord, I will go.

He awaits His people there.
Maybe He wants me to tell all
So, when we are all together,
In our faith He will come to call ...

Coming in a cloud, in all His glory
As when they saw Him go away.
I treasure the dream, but wonder,
Why me, was it a special day?

I am just a regular woman, now.
However, I was near a child then,
When I saw the third Heaven.
I thought on what it could have been.

I am not learned or of high esteem,
Unless loving Jesus makes me so.
For it was not the jewels that caught my eye.
It was the awesome way He loved us so.

© 1997 by Pearlie Duncan Walker
Author of "Heaven's Gate"

This poem may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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