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In The Silence

I sat there in the silence of a night so cold and dark.
No stars were twinkling overhead, no lamplight lit the park.
I didn’t feel a thing inside except an oppressive weight,
and I thought God had retreated waiting on me to meditate.

I pondered every problem that had emerged in my life;
realized peace eluded me when I was besieged with strife.
The darkness had engulfed me and I felt so desolate
that I had a pity party over what I had forfeit.

I had lost the joy of living, I had lost the peace inside,
I had lost my way from Jesus when I stepped to the side.
I lowered my head in sorrow, I lowered my head in shame.
I lowered my head and cried out, calling on Jesus’ precious name.

I sat there in the silence of a night so cold and dark,
and felt the oppression being lifted as I prayed there in the park.
It wasn’t God who’d stepped back to leave me floundering,
and the spark that God ignited was Him gently answering.

It was His burning desire that fellowship should be restored
and that could only come if I acknowledged Him again as Lord.
I hadn’t done that lately but had pulled away from Him
and as I left my “first love” I’d been besieged with sin.

It wasn’t that I’d committed murder or robbery,
but I’d focused on my own self, bringing disharmony.
I’d strayed away from Bible study, been engrossed with the TV,
and the withdrawal from God’s presence was sin enough for me.

The night was no longer cold or dark for God’s presence filled the air.
He’d heard my plea for restoration and assured me He was there.
He’d help me with my problems, my depression lay aside.
He’d banish the oppressor and restore joy deep inside.

In the silence there at midnight, I had heard within my heart
my Lord Jesus speaking to me, causing my enemy to depart.
Hope for a bright tomorrow replaced the weight therein,
and peace that transcends all understanding could once more begin.

© 2004 Dorothea K. Barwick

Revelation 2:4 (KJV)
Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love.

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