The Laundry
Every weekend, we would gather up the laundry and begin the washing early in the morning. We did not have a dryer so everything would be hung up outside. This was also before Spray and Wash, so we would mix a little of the detergent with water and rub it onto any stains that we found as we put the clothes in the washer.
Some weekends, I thought that we would never get all of those clothes out on the line, dried, folded as we took them off the line and then put away. It was even worse when my brother came along and we had diapers to hang out. They did dry quickly, though.
We lived in the middle of an orchard of Tung Oil trees. They had big balls on them that contained the oil. Some of our clothes lines were under a couple of these tree limbs. We would go back out to gather up the clean clothes and there would be these black drops of oil on our clothes. These drops would be there permanently.
Other times we would go back out there and in the brightness of the sun, we would see dingy places or stains on our clothes that we had missed when we were washing, but the light of the sun had pointed them out real quick.
Wash day....a lot of work but it was definitely a necessary thing. Without wash day, there would have been only dirty, smelly and stained clothes. I would not have wanted to wear any of my dirty clothes out any where.
Wash day, every day now. I have realized that it is much easier to keep up with if I do the dirty laundry as I have it. At some point during the day, I gather up all my dirty laundry and examine it. I then take each item to the Lord and confess it. He applies the blood of Christ to remove all of the stains....this blood will even remove the hardest of stains.
You see, when Jesus comes again, I do not want my dirty laundry to be hanging out for every one to see. And I want to stay in a right relationship with my Father, so I must keep all of my laundry washed.
When was the last time that you checked out under your bed and in your closet for dirty laundry that has gotten pushed or shoved there? Maybe now would be a good time for Spring cleaning in the Spiritual department.

He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of men's hearts. At that time each will receive his praise from God. (1 Cor 4:5b NIV)

I want my laundry to be all clean when He comes!

© Molly Duke

Used with Permission

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