Magical St.  Nick

Eyes filled with wonder
Children look to the sky,
Waiting and watching
For St. Nick to fly by.

What a magical time
On Christmas Eve Night,
The stars in the sky
Shine ever so bright.

Diamond dust snow…
Gently covers the ground
I walk through the snow,
And make not a sound

Families gather from
All walks of life,
Coming together;
Filled with delight.

Choirs sing joyfully
Of the newborn King,
Who came to the earth
To set men free.

Suddenly I see him,
St. Nicolas is here!
He bows at the manger
And brushed away a tear.

“Children,” said Santa,
“You must never forget,
The meaning of Christmas
Is not in your gifts.”

“God was willing to give
His first-born child,
That you might live
And be reconciled.”

Then back to his sleigh
And into the night
Magical St. Nick
Had taken flight.

As I nestled in bed,
I thanked God above,
For His precious Son,
And His gracious love.

While drifting to sleep
A voice I did hear,
“Merry Christmas to All,
And a Happy New Year!”

© 2008 Marie Williams