Happy Mothers Day

Many battles she has conquered,
As she quietly kneels to pray.
Seeking guidance from the Father,
He has taught her day by day.

Late night hours spent on mending
Blue jean patches we did see.
Frilly dresses for her daughter,
Sewn with care so lovingly.

Bed-sheets waving in the breezes.
Lilac scents soon filled the air.
Sunny days we saw her hanging,
Rows of clothes and socks by pairs.

Sunday morning bright and early,
Mamma rose to greet the day.
Biscuits, bacon, eggs, and gravy,
Table set with plates for eight.

Kids all dressed and Mother hurried,
Putting on her Sunday hat.
Gathering up her brood of children,
Off to Church she'd go with Dad.

Back-yard baseball, broken windows,
Basket-ball, and so much more.
Memories of our Mother watching,
Standing quietly at the door.

Time moves on and years don't linger,
But the memories still remain.
So with love and adoration,
All of us would like to say.....

We are blessed to have a mother,
Strong, yet gentle, caring too.
You are loved by all your children.
Happy Mother's Day to You!

2008 Marie Williams

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