Mom's Old-Fashioned Rocking Chair

By the window in the family room
Sat an old- fashioned rocking chair,
Mom liked to sit in it and look outside
So she could see about everywhere.

Here she rocked her babies
And hummed a little tune,
She rocked, and read them stories
At night they looked out at the moon.

It was broken many times,
In much need of repair,
Dad would put it together again,
Mom’s old-fashioned rocking chair.

Years and events have passed
Life and times have moved on,
The children are married now
They have families of their own.

Today mom and dads life is different
Together, a new one they have found,
Although it is sometimes difficult
It is harder for them to get around.

They sit and talk about days gone by
Life, the children, they have much to share,
Dad holds her hand, gives her a great big grin
And rocks her in the old –fashioned rocking chair.

© 2007 Shirley J Oremland

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