Silly Ol' Grandpa

Silly ol' Grandpa twists his nose
Over on his cheek and strikes a pose.
An' all us kids jes laugh and play,
When we see ol' pa actin' up that way.

Silly ol' Grandpa grabs his pole.
Gonna go down to the fishfn' hole.
And, afore he knows, we all join in,
'Cause we can't resist ol' Grandpa's grin.

Grandpa, he can't hear a lick,
Lest ya say, "Supper," then he hears real quick!
And, I heard him say, "Ma, I can't see that hole,
"Will ya please string up my fishin'pole?"

Silly ol' Grandpa made a swing for me,
In the very highest branch of the ol' elm tree.
He sits in a chair, watchin' me go by.
Once, l thought l saw a tear in his eye.

Silly ol' Granpa, oh, I love him so ...
Not a better guy for a kid to know.
He's always doin' somethin' and lets me tag along.
I bet he taught me upwards to a hunert songs.

When I grow up bigger, gonna try on his shoes!
Wonder if I'll fill'em. That'd be some news!
I think he'd come out laffin' or smilin' just so.
Silly ol' Grandpa, I love you, you know.

Joan Clifton Costner
Under His Wings

Used with Permission



Midi: "Grandpa" from Bob Mace's Midi Page