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Spread Your Wings and Fly

Like unto the beautiful butterfly,
When from the cocoon breaks free,
The Lord washed away my sins,
He filled my heart with purity.

I saw the world in new light
And I heard the Spirit say,
"Spread your wings and fly.
You were set free to soar today!"

I harkened to the voice that spoke,
Through lifted spirits I took flight,
Drawing closer to my Lord,
Flying toward His radiant light.

His glory shown 'round about me.
Such joy did fill my soul.
And as I looked upon His face,
His true beauty I did behold.

His marvelous love poured o'er me,
Enlacing each fiber in its clutch,
I basked in God's sweet glory,
Elated by His glorious touch.

I fell to my knees to worship,
My Lord, my God and King.
All honor and glory are due Him.
Forever His praises I'll sing.

The love of the Lord infused me,
As I spread my wings to fly.
I knew from one touch of the Master,
On Him, I could always rely!

2007 Gayle Davis & Marie Williams

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