Three Angels

Three hearts joined together
United by our love
God blessed the sweetest union
And sealed it from above.

Our life is filled with blessings
Joy now overflows
God worked within us miracles
Earth angels He bestowed.

Three angels we were blessed with
God heard our fervent prayer
Sent from heaven up above
And filled with love to share.

They bring light in the dark times
Laughter in the rain
Bring hope to us in sorrow…
Soothing balm when there is pain.

May we ever guide in wisdom
Yet allow each of them to grow
May they know their full potential
In the life for them God chose.

We watch in much amazement
As they grow and spread their wings
Soon the time will surely come
When we must trust and set them free.

Thank you Lord, for angels
We have seen in these three girls
A blaze of passion here on earth
Going forth to bless the world.

© 2006 Marie Williams


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