"Front Porch Inspirations"


Because of Calvary

Eyes of understanding
I pray for all to see
To know the pain and torment
As you hung upon the tree.
Blood-droplets pouring downward
Anguish on your face
While sins of one and all
Upon your body placed.
O precious Grace and Mercy
You yearned for all to know
The Father is not angry
And He loves you so.
Had there been no bloodshed
The perfect sacrifice
Had there been no Calvary
Or the Son, Jesus Christ...
Forever-hopeless sinners
Each of us would be
O precious Lord and Savior
Thank God for Calvary!
I shout my praises boldly
Praise God, Praise God, for thee!
O Holy Son of God
 My knee I bow at Calvary.
2006 Marie Williams







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Front Porch Inspirations - 2006

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