Christmas, Stolen

Christmas time is coming
Do you feel it in the air?
Snow flakes gently falling,
Children running here and there.

The mistletoe is ready
And the stockings will be hung,
As the tree-lights softly twinkle.
Yes the holiday's begun.

The eggnog's chilled and waiting;
Grandma's cookies passed the test.
There's fruit cake wrapped and ready,
Her pumpkin pie's the best.

The gifts are overflowing,
'Neath the fresh-cut Christmas tree.
Toys are on the ready...
Hear Santa's jolly laugh of glee?

But WAIT....what are we missing?
Could it be? Yes it's true...
There is no manger scene,
Where one once, was easily viewed.

The town square looks so dismal;
Happy Holidays glow in the night.
They've taken Christ from Christmas.
There is no Holy Night.

I hear Jingle Bells... all ringing but,
No, "Hark the Harold Angels Sing."
Where's the, "Glory to our Savior,
Jesus Christ the newborn King?"

Has the grinch stolen Christmas,
While we slept in silent bliss?
How satan must be laughing,
At our foolish frozen lips.

Let us take back the true meaning
Of the season we hold dear.
Let us start with Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year!

Forget the Seasons Greetings,
And remember, Christ the King,
Who came with a purpose,
Lift your voice, His praises sing.

Tell His story; Tell the children,
Of that evening long ago...
When, in a manger lowly,
God smiled on His Son below.

Yes, keep CHRIST in your CHRISTmas.
Tell the story o'er and o'er,
Remember the true meaning;
Let it live forever more.

2006 Marie Williams


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