I come in different sizes, shapes,
I'm short and sometimes tall.
The jobs I do take different hats,
I'm skilled to wear them all.

I drive a truck, fly a plane,
work within the woods.
It is my job to keep the peace,
or in a store sell goods.

My kids all think I'm Superman,
especially when they're small.
The smartest man they'll ever know.
They think I'm ten feet tall.

For miracles I'm number one,
that's not wrong, by far,
for even in the toughest times
I got them their first car.

Now they're gone to live their lives,
in memory still I see,
the days of joy and sorrow past
and still are yet to be.

School is out, the games are won,
I'm Superman no more.
Yet in my heart I'm stronger still
with children I adore.

I did the very best I could
and proud of them I'll be.
My Faith in God I've passed along,
'cause I'm a DAD, you see.


2005 Don R. Wilkins

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