Grandma’s Front Porch

Old wooden boards were creaking
As she rocked in her rocking chair
Shelling peas and listening as
Friends stopped by to share….

A cup of fresh brewed coffee
With a slice of homemade bread
Slathered with some jelly
And fresh butter from old Bess.

They passed away the hours
As they worked on patchwork quilts
Rocking in Grandma’s rockers
Fabrics piled up to the hilt.

It was there she did her mending
Making worn out clothes look new
And the broken hearts of children
Were often mended too.

Every house should have a front porch
With a grandma just like mine
To help solve life's problems
And to ease the hearts and minds.

Not one moment was wasted
Her days were always full
Of house work and the gardening
In her life there was seldom a lull.

Then as the day was ending
Grandma settled in her chair
Joyously rocking to the rhythm
Of the night sounds in the air.

Unaware of others listening
She’d hum a simple tune
As she read from a good book
Pausing to glance at the moon.

I still imagine her rocking
With a sweet smile on her face
In the light of the silvery moon
Singing ‘Amazing Grace.’

© 2006 Marie Williams


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