Lost and Found
Jeremiah 29:13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me within your whole heart.

We named her Shy the day we picked her out, along with her sister, Precious. They were just pups but we got them to watch over our goat herd. We heard that the best way to have a good watch dog is to raise them.

We did some checking over the internet and learned that these dogs make excellent watch dogs for goats, which we soon learned. That is.... one of them did. The other is simply a good pet and keeps an eye on the house. Seems the alpha order was established early and Shy won out. Thus, this herd belongs to her and she guards them faithfully. Although I've heard plenty of coyotes wailing during the late evening hours, they have never attempted to attack the goats.

This morning I heard a couple of goats bleating and went to check things out. Two goats were standing near the fence closest to the house and seemed disoriented. They were calling to the rest of the herd. I could hear some of the herd bleating in return, but the two never moved. Soon, I saw Shy approaching from the opposite side of the creek-bed. She hurriedly made her way back to the two missing goats. Circling around them as if checking out the situation, she gave one a nudge then circled the other. She then stopped and waited. Soon the two lost ones headed in her direction and Shy led them back across the creek-bed to the rest of the herd. They must have been asleep in the barn when the others went out to graze and got left behind.

I was like the two lost goats at one time. Not knowing which way to turn, I stood in fear and desperation waiting and pleading for help. But God, in his mercy, saw my lost condition and sent his word to show me the way. He forgave my sinful soul and made me whole. He gave me his Holy Spirit to guide me day by day. Then he placed me with a Christian family to mentor, encourage and help me grow. God meets my every need every single day. What a joy to be loved and cared for and to know I can follow him anywhere without fear of being left behind yet, should I wander or lag behind, God is faithful to return me to the foal.

2006 Marie Williams


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