Love Lives Here

How comforting the feeling
Each morn' when I arise
While gazing out my window
I see through loving eyes.

There's beauty all around me
From the pretty lilac hedge...
To sunrays dancing softly
Across the water's edge.

I feel such love surround me
As my thoughts now turn to you
Of the years we spent together
And our love lives here anew.

Each room holds your mem'ries...
Of joyous times we shared
And times my heart did sorrow
I knew you always cared.

How I long to hold you
To feel your tender touch
Look deeply in your eyes
Yes I miss you... oh so much.

I hear your voice call softly
Whispering to me
Love lives here my sweetheart
For all eternity.

Death did separate us
Yet only for a time.
We'll someday reunite
To live new life sublime.

Yes, love lives here forever.
Each day I know it's so.
Love lives here forever....
I'll never let it go.

2007 Marie Williams

Dedicated to all those who
have said goodbye to
loved ones.

Thank God there is
hope in Jesus to see our
loved ones again.


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