Perfect Love

Deep abiding love of God,
Surrounds me as the sea,
Warm waves of peace so soothing
Flow softly over me.

Once tossed about in fury,
Rejection all around,
Caused a life of turmoil…
In every corner, fear was found.

A needy soul of sorrow,
Wandered aimlessly about,
Searching for the perfect love,
To fill… within and out.

The love of God is greater,
Than my words could ever tell.
For when, with childlike faith I came,
He set me free from hell.

No more accusations,
From Satan’s tongue of lies.
Acceptance cost me nothing,
I need not run and hide.

My Father has this perfect love
For you, as well as me.
You do not have to earn it
My friend, His love is free.

In child-like faith, just ask Him.
He’s waiting patiently…
To fill your life with perfect love,
As His face, you humbly seek.

© 2007 Marie Williams





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