Pleading Savior

Upon a lost and dying world, looked He.
As sorrow filled His aching heart anew.
There was no question what the choice would be,
It was the cross He chose for me and you.

Pain and suffering, the great irony,
For His crucifiers had not a clue.
Upon the cross, His outstretched arms they nailed.
‘Twas there, the King of Kings, the Lord was hailed.

The Savior pled forgiveness for their lives.
“Forgive them for they know not what they do.”
The precious Lamb, who paid the painful price,
To give eternal life to all anew.

And still today, our Savior’s sacrifice
A life-giving ransom for me and you.
“Come sinner, to the cross and be made whole,
For you, the greatest story has been told!”

© 2006 Marie Williams

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