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Cornbread dressing, pecan pies

Sweetened, mint ice tea

Sweet potato casseroles

Scents float by on the breeze.


Collard greens make up a mess

And turnips are so fillin

Chicken ~ southern fried just right

For desert, banana puddin


There’s a coming out party when

...Southern girls turn sweet sixteen

Potential beaus come calling

In hopes they'll find their queen.


As they glide across the dance-floor

Ball gowns are quite a site.

Led by handsome gentlemen

Southern girls are a delight


There's romantic conversations

Stolen kisses ‘neath the moon

Strolls through the flower gardens

...Gradenias in full bloom.


Years pass and love grows stronger

The gentleman must ask

For his sweetheart’s hand in marriage

Pray he’s friendly with her dad!


Just a few simple traditions

Familiar to the South

Hope you'll come to visit

Front Porch Inspirations' house.


 The porchlight's glowing softly

There's a smile upon our face

And our guests are always welcome

Be it early... or be it late!


© 2006 Marie Williams

Prayer Request


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© Front Porch Inspirations - 2006
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