Singing Cowboy

Saved from death so long ago

Disease knocked on his door.

But God, in his deep love for man,

His health he did restore.


A pledge of service to the Lord

Sat idle many years.

ĎTill God knocked on his heart once more

He wept such bitter tears.


ďIíll serve,Ē said he, just lead the way,

ďMy heart belongs to you;

The gifts youíve givín, Iíll freely share.

Your will, I want to do.Ē


Preach my word, in song and text.

Iíll teach you day by day.

Trust in me, Iíll be your guide,

Iíll teach you what to say.


And so it is, this young man sings

His praises to the Lord.

He testifies of Godís great love,

And preaches evermore.


© 2004 Marie Williams

This poem was written for, and dedicated to our son,
Dean Williams.
You are a living testimony of what God can and
will do through a loving and obedient heart.
We love you! Mom and Dad


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