Sunshine in the meadows
Glistening golden rays
Running through the fields
Laughing as we play.

Sharing hopes and dreams
As only Sisters can
Please come and walk with me
Come and take my hand.


We're more than just Sisters
For a friendship has been built
Bit by bit sewn together
Just like Grandma's quilt

We've had our disagreements
But this one thing I know
Whenever I need a friend
To you I'll always go.


You always kept my secrets
Tucked safely in your heart
And now that we've grown older
And so many miles apart 

I have such precious memories
For days when I feel blue
I think back of the things
That the two of us would do.


Suddenly I'm smiling
I pick up the phone
Hoping with all my heart
That my Sister will be home. 
We may share words for hours
Or.... maybe just a few
But I know I'm always happy
After sharing thoughts with you.
2004 Marie Williams



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