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Sorrow’s Deep Despair

Don’t judge me by the way I walk,
Or how I wear my hair.
Don’t judge me by my color,
Whether dark or skin so fair.

Don’t walk away when I call out…
In sorrow’s deep despair.
Take time to lend a helping hand.
Please show you truly care.

Simply lend a shoulder strong,
No words are needed then.
Compassion feeds a hungry soul,
A hurting heart ‘twill mend.


Your friendship’s what I need right now.

Your prayers bring comfort sweet.

Come sit beside me quietly,

My soul thirsts for relief.


And when I sing a song of praise

Lift your voice with mine.

In one accord our praises ring,

Our hearts as one, entwine.


The light of God will shine through you,

His peace shall know no end.

I shall give all thanks to God,

 Because you’ve been my friend.


© 2005 Marie Williams








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