Summer Daze

A long, hot day of summer,
Beckoned to a large palm tree.
I grabbed an ice-filled glass,
Poured some refreshing tea.

A breeze was gently stirring;
In the distance, I could hear
Melodic sounds of seagulls,
And saw children on a pier.

Venturing to the ocean's edge,
Soft waves caressed my feet.
Suddenly I began to dance
To the ocean's soothing beat.

I danced as one, with wind and sea,
While in a summer's daze.
Wind-chimes tinkled happily,
As distant sounds, they made.

I soon retreated from the dance,
But I heard a soft voice say,
"Next time may I share a dance?"
When I looked, to my dismay,

I saw no one to whom the voice
Belonged...... but I knew,
Deep within my heart was there
A longing for only You.

A longing filled by only one,
The Savior of my soul,
One who touched my heart within,
Cleansed and made me whole.

Hesitantly, I turned to leave,
Too soon, the day did end.
But in the distant red sunset,
I knew I'd danced with Him.

© Marie Williams

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