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Home Sweet Home


Take Me Back
Deep in the heart of the Delta,
Cotton fields swayed in the breeze.
Workers were picking cotton,
Way back in fifty-three.
Remember the R. C. Colas,
Moon-Pies from the country store?
How I yearn for the plantation living,
O take me back there, just once more.
Let me walk in the fields barefooted,
Where they plowed for the crop yet to seed;
And sit on the old veranda,
Reminiscing, as I sip mint tea.
I'll drive the old jeep down the levy,
View buttercups, draping the hills;
Then stroll by the side of the river.
As the sun sets, all becomes still.
Take me back home, Mississippi,
Back to Southern hospitality.
Take me back to my homeland;
To my roots in good ole Dixie!
2002-2003 Marie Williams







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