"Front Porch Inspirations"

Thanksgiving Praise


O Lord, You are my portion, my life.
Blessed am I from morning's first light, 'til setting sun.
I arise in the morn; and lay my head to rest in the evening.
You blanket me with sweet and peaceful sleep.
Your mercies are new and fresh every morning.

When I thirst, You are my everlasting wellspring.
Your judgments are just and true.
With a grateful heart, I sing Your glorious praises.
You call forth heavenly angels to protect me.
You are my rearguard.

How I delight in Your Word, sweet as honey on my lips.
You provide for me instruction, and Godly Wisdom.
You direct my steps, without shadow of turning.
I will follow You as a lamb follows his shepherd.
Great is thy faithfulness, my Lord, my God.

You stretched forth Your hand to extend mercy.
How marvelous are Your works.
You give healing and comfort to my soul.
I give You a broken and remorseful heart.
Thanksgiving praises to the Lord forever. Amen

2004 Marie Williams

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