"Front Porch Inspirations"

Tiny little hummingbird,
His wings so small, yet strong…
Flashing past my window,
He’s here and then he’s gone!

 Resting on a branch so high,

He chirps his sweet refrains,

Or is he simply warning,

“Stay away from my domain!”


This vibrant colored beauty,

Is bold and unafraid.

He’ll chase the largest creatures,

If his home, they dare invade.


This tiny little rainbow,

Streaking ‘cross the sky,

Hovers by my window,

As if to say, “ goodbye.”


Then, before I know it,

As the day comes to an end,

I catch another glimpse of him,

I believe we’ve become friends.


© 2005 Marie Williams


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Midi: 'Free As The Wind'
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