Today I want to thank you

For all that you have done.

You saved my sinful soul,

When you sent Your precious Son.


Yesterday is behind me.

Today I start brand new.

I cannot change the past

But today, Your best I choose.


Today I値l love another,

While choosing to forgive.

For in forgiving others,

A peaceful life I値l live.


In sharing joy with others,

It often comes my way.

For you see, it is contagious,

Pass along some cheer today.


I cannot see the present,

If I知 always looking back.

So today, I値l live and love;

And leave yesterday in the past.


When Satan comes to tell me

Just how terrible I致e been,

I tell him I知 forgiven.

And I quote the Great I Am!



ゥ 2004 Marie Williams



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