Tugging the Heartstrings

      Every now and then I get that tug at my heartstrings. I yearn to pack my bags, throw them in the back of the Expedition, and head for the hills. The Arkansas hills, that is! Theyíre not quite tall enough to call a mountain, yet close enough for me to call them such. I donít know what denotes a mountain.


      Cool mornings, turn to warm breezes in the midday and carry the fresh scent of pine through a quaint town built into a hill. Eureka Springs seems to be the perfect getaway for the person who loves to slow down a bit, smell the flowers, and enjoy a panoramic view second to none. It calls my name to come to a relaxing and inviting time of peace, quiet, and grandeur.


      Now, Iím not writing an ad for vacation spots. I can find God and his beauty any place I look. All I need do, is have my heart and mind open. I see him in a  partially opened rosebud, or in the brilliant yellow Orioles putting on a playful display in my front yard. Heís in the laughter of a child, the hug of a grandparent, and the sunset as evening draws near. We may experience God any place, any time. There are no limits other than those imposed by us.


      When the tugs  begin I may momentarily put them aside, waiting for that huge clap of thunder, or the booming voice of God. He must surely shake his head and sigh as he patiently whispers my name. I don't know why, but a whisper does seem grab my attention. Possibly curiosity gets the best of me?


      It doesnít take God long to help me understand what his will for me is. I donít want to jump ahead or lag behind. I want to be right in step with him.


      Why would he care if I take a trip? Because he cares about every aspect of my life and others. After all, my life intertwines with others. How I obey his leadings may very well make the difference in salvation for a lost soul, healing for the sick, or comfort for the hurting. We are on this earth with a purpose. Itís up to us to seek

and know the callings and purposes of God.


      Itís a moment in time ordained by God, and sometimes without my foreknowledge. Now thatís a good thing! Because then I donít get in his way.


 Copyright 2003 by Marie Williams



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