Walk Softly In Their Shoes

So often there are those...
We may not understand.
 'Tho we try with all out might,
It seems out of our hands.
They may not make the choices
We think we would make.
But until we've walked in their shoes,
Judgment, we must forsake.
Our shoes may be the same size
Or smaller even yet,
'Til we've walked in their shoes
The hurts we must forget.
It's easy to walk in our shoes,
Made to fit for me or you.
But to put ourselves in theirs,
Our minds must be renewed.
We know not all their trials
Or tests that they endured.
But when we walk in their shoes,
The light won't be obscured.
Those questions gone unanswered
May soon become more clear.
As we walk their life in their shoes,
We may learn to persevere.
So walk softly in their shoes
In kindness lend a hand.
Once you've walked in their shoes,
You may need help to stand.
 2001-2004 Marie Williams



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Front Porch Inspirations - 2004

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by David W. Folsom

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