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Yes He Loves Me


I know Jesus loves me

Mommy told me so

He hears my slightest whimper

When I cry, He knows.


I have a guardian angel

Who watches over me

Even when Iím sleeping

ĎThough Him, I cannot see.


Yes He must really love me

Cuz He gave me a great dad

And mommyÖ and a brother

Even heís not half bad!


I know I donít deserve it

I do things that I shouldnít

Yet I know He loves me

He does things I couldnít.


I know Heíll never leave me

The Bible tells me so

And when Iím feeling badly

My Jesus always knows..


Yes He loves me

And I love Him so

Iím learning I can trust Him

To Him Iíll always go.


He'll teach me to love others

The way He'd want me to

Please let them see you Jesus

In all I say and do.


© 2005 Marie Williams

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