"Front Porch Inspirations"

"The Messengers of Love" Danny Halhbohm

Messengers of Love

You Gave Me Wings
You gave me wings
When I began to falter
Lifted me higher
Than I'd ever been
How my heart ached
In times I was unfaithful
I tried to walk...
Without your guiding hand.
It was your love
That soothed my aching spirit
You called me back
Back to the blessed Cross
You gave me wings
When  I began to falter
Called unto me,
"My child all is not lost."
How precious is
Your love and sweet compassion
O how I long
To stand before your throne
My hand in yours
Day by day I'm walking
And one day soon
You'll call me home.

2005 Marie Williams


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Front Porch Inspirations - 2005

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"The Messengers of Love" Danny Halhbohm
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