~ Stand Still ~


Stand still when storms are raging.
Stand still when all seems lost.
For God, in all His Glory,
Knows when we're tempest tossed.

'Tho waves surround you crashing,
Cause you shake in fear,
Take joy, my friend, in knowing,
That God is always near.

He knows our every trouble.
He never leaves our side.
God's love is eternal.
Forever, it abides.

So take heart my friend, rejoicing,
Whatever state you're in.
God, our Father, cares for you,
He will be your closest friend.

 Marie Williams


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 Midi is used with permission
"By The Sea"
2004 Bruce DeBoer

"Safe Harbor" Danny Hahlbohm
Graphic Set by Designer Lady

 Front Porch Inspirations 2004