~ Waiting for Santa ~
Diamond studded snowflakes,
Swirling through the sky,
Announce winter's entrance.
While rabbits scamper by.
Christmas is upon us.
Susie waits expectantly,
For the bearded Santa,
His laughter brings such glee.
The tree-lights twinkle brightly.
They're all decked in full array.
With grandma's hand-made ornaments,
Her mother had crocheted.
Tommy's favorite train-set,
Circles 'round the Christmas tree.
Christine's ballerina,
Pirouettes, so gracefully.

A glimpse of Santa's reindeer,
With a nose of glowing red,
Sends children all directions,
As they jump right into bed.
Sleepy eyes drift off to dreamland,
While Santa places all around,
Gifts for little boys and girls.
Candied goodies and nuts abound.
Santa helped himself to cookies,
Left behind, and milk to drink.
As he wished all Merry Christmas,
Up the chimney, he rose with a wink!

Marie Williams
Copyright 2003


Front Porch Inspirations 200