~ Mom~ 


I'll always remember...
 The joy in knowing
 I finally belonged.

 I'll always remember...
 My first real bed,
 Fresh clean sheets;
 Bed-time songs.

 I'll always remember...
 The smell of gardenias,
 Food on the table;
 Brothers to protect me.
 I'll remember...
 My first doll, my first bike,
 My first Christmas,
 A real birthday party.
 I'll always remember...
 When you cried at my wedding,
 Held my hand during child-birth,
 Rejoiced at my accomplishments.

 I'll always remember...
 When I met Jesus;
 When I was baptized.
 When you went to be with Jesus!
 I'll always...
 Love you,
 I'll always remember...
 How much you loved me. 
Marie Williams
 Copyright 2003











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