"Front Porch Inspirations"

Travel down the asphalt,

Where curves and hills abound,

Roads leading to a city,

Where lights and signs are found.


But off the beaten pathway,

Down a dusty road,

Tucked between the oak trees,

You値l find our meek abode.


The skies are lit by moonlight,

No stoplights, will you see.

Our name is on the mailbox,

Welcome signs hang precariously.


There痴 cattle grazing grasses,

Fish flopping in the pond,

A hammock waiting in the shade,

Invites you to rest upon.


Hens laying in the hen house,

Fresh eggs for morning meals,

Sausage sizzling in the pan

Of pork, you値l get your fill.


Perfume so sweet and heady,

Wafts on the summer breeze,

The scent of jasmine lingers,

Drawing nature痴 busy bees.


Sit upon our front porch.

I値l snap peas, as we talk.

We値l listen to the night sounds,

Or maybe take a walk.


When the day has ended,

I hope that you will say,

的 loved my visit to your home,

I値l be back another day.


There痴 an open invitation,

Come early and stay late.

My country home is open,

And we never lock the gate.


ゥ 2005 Marie Williams


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ゥ Front Porch Inspirations - 2005

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