New Song

A new song, you have given me.
Your joy has filled my soul.
It lifts me higher day by day.
Sweet music you've bestowed.
I sense your presence as I rise,
And know that You are near.
When I call upon your name,
Your song of love I hear.
My voice shall rise in one accord,
To join angelic choirs;
Praise Your Holy name on earth,
Is yet my one desire.
Give glory, honor, to Your name;
Worship you in song.
None other is deserving, Lord.
My all, to You belongs.

Thus, when evening shadows fall,

Before I drift to sleep,

Glorious melodies resound,

A new song oh, so sweet.

Holy, Holy, Lamb of God,
My song, I sing to thee.
Wondrous Savior, King of kings
For all eternity.

2004 Marie Williams






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Front Porch Inspirations - 2004

Midi: "Oh The Wondrous Cross "
Arranged by: Michael J. Jester,
Lyrics of verses by Isaac Watts

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