"Front Porch Inspirations"

One Star

One star twinkles brightly in Heaven
As angels their choruses sing
Drawing the worshippers closer
The joy-bells begin to ring
The story told over and over
Of the babe in the stable they laid
Wrapped in swaddling clothing
No room in the inn for the day.

One star to proclaim His arrival
Of this King called the Nazarene.
One star shining brightly before them
Proclaiming a kingdom supreme.

One star led the seekers to Jesus
Their hearts filled with love and peace
Within them but one desire
To worship the King of kings.

Search the heavens above you
Gaze t'wards the eastern sky
The star that guided the Wiseman
Now shimmers before your eyes.
The Light of world is now shinning
Let all heaven and earth proclaim
Unto you a Savior is born
Lord Jesus is His name.

2004 Marie Williams


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Front Porch Inspirations - 2004

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