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  P. S. I Love You

Hello Dear Jesus
Iíve come again to pray
Thank you for my baseball
And the truck I lost today.


I try my best to keep them

Put away when not in use

But sometimes I forget

Daddy says thatís no excuse.


He really didnít mean it

Iím just a little kid

My rememberer forgets

And Daddy pops his lid.


I heard my parents argue

Iím really not sure why

I heard them saying something

About a little white lie.


I didnít mean to listen

I know theyíd be surprised

To know that I had heard them

And I saw my Mommy cry.


My Mommy and my Daddy

Both love me very much

Itís just that Daddy's tired

And Mommy seems to fuss.


I know that you can fix them

And make them smile again

So Iíll go to bed now Jesus

And leave it in your hands.


Just one more thing though Jesus

Before my prayer is through

I really love my parents

AndÖ P. S. I Love YOU!





© 2005 Marie Williams



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