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Pappy was a character,

Just as happy as could be.

Whenever I was troubled,

He'd sit me on his knee.


With gentle arms around me,

He rocked my cares away.

Silently he listened,

To all I had to say.


His eyes…how they sparkled.

A wink, he'd often give.

Set my heart to singing,

And showed me how to live.


All worries seemed to vanish,

Whenever Pappy spoke.

With laughter in his voice,

He told his funny jokes.


Then before I knew it,

Time had quickly passed.

"I better get to work," he said,

"Daylight is burning fast."


He slipped a shiny quarter,

In my hand for 'rainy days.'

With that, he grabbed his cane,

And he slowly limped away.


The quarters multiplied,

As the years came and went,

Not one single quarter,

Could I bring myself to spend.


Then one rainy day,

Pappy said goodbye.

The angels came to greet him,

As he breathed his last deep sigh.


I still have the quarters,

Guess I'll someday give them up,

To another boy or girl,

As I tell of Pappy's love.


I'll hold them on my lap,

And rock their cares away,

Share some of his stories,

Save some for another day.


© 2005 Marie Williams










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