"Front Porch Inspirations"

Planting Shed

Step inside the planting shed,

And grab a pot, or two.

Take some potting soil and tools,

Then add some rich plant food.


We’ll plant some purple ‘passion,’

To enrich another’s day.

Add a little golden’rod,’

Then send them on their way.


How ‘bout a little ‘testa”mint,

Spread along the flowerbox?

Tell someone of God’s great Love,

He watches o’er His flock.


No need for Black-eyed Susans,

 We’ll keep the Iris blue…

Much better ‘tis to walk in love,

The love walk we must choose.


Choose the ‘Rose of Sharon,’

The sweetest scent of all,

What a precious gift to give,

It’s free just heed the call. .


Now as you leave the garden,

Be sure you water well.

Watch the ‘Son’ of God shine bright,

A harvest He foretells.


© 2005 Marie Williams




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© Front Porch Inspirations - 2005

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