"Front Porch Inspirations"

Prayer for America
In the midst of a war
Our thoughts and prayers
Are always for our 
Men and Women in service.
Lord grant them...
When the world views turmoil.
Give them
If sorrow overtakes them.
Strengthen them...
That they might face tomorrow
With all confidence in You.
 Lead Them...
With your mighty hand
That they might know..
YOU are God,
You are still in Control,
And they can trust you
In all Circumstances...
As the final bomb blasts,
And the last soldier returns,
In our hearts,
We Honor, we Remember
Those who gave their lives
As a sacrifice for freedom.
As we see our flag flying,
Let us give thanks and say,
"You are a mighty God,
And one to be praised."

  2005 Marie Williams



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Music by: Dean Williams
Taken with permission from his CD
'Mountain of Faith'

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