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 "Winter Save" LilMsGlitter
Preacher With a Song
A cowboy woke early
With a heavy heart
He slipped out of bed, 
Heading out in the dark.
He stood by the stall
In the barn near ole Joe
As he brushed him his thoughts
Turned to last winter's snow.
The weather was fierce
And the wood was all gone.
The cowboy saddled up
While singin' his song. 
The words could be heard
As he sang with his might
Riding off in the distance
To cut wood by daylight.
The wind, was bone chillin'
And blindin' snow blew
But the cowboy kept cuttin'
As he sang his sweet tunes.
Lord I'm just a cowpoke
Who loves servin' You
Ain't nobody loves me
Quite like You do.
Nothin's fullfillin'
Not calls to fame...
Most folks won't ever
Know me by name.
But You Lord... You know me
And You know my heart
Cuz You saved and brought me
Out of the dark.
He sang as he cut when
Suddenly a tree
Came crashing down
Right 'cross his knees.
There was no help
For least a mile
The clouds were buildin
And the snow quickly piled.
Lord get me out of this. 
For only You can
There's not a single soul
To give me a hand.
I know I've put off
Your call to preach
Yet I know You will help me
As Your face I seek.
He soon drifted
Into a silent sleep
Thoughts cast aside
Of a promise to keep.
No one said how
That cowboy got home.
But many suspect
God sent his old roan.

Months passed quickly. 
The cowpoke forgot
With cattle to feed,
Brandin' and shots.
But God still continued
To nudge his old heart.
That's when the cowboy
Woke with a start!

His hands were all clammy. 
Sweat dripped from his brow.
He knew what to do. 
But his question was, "How?"
He headed t'wards the barn
Walked out to the stall
He knew it was time
To answer the call.
He put down the brush
As he knelt by old Joe.
Right then and there,
He stopped saying, no.
When he rose from the ground
All the struggle was gone
The cowpoke's now called
Preacher with a Song.

2003 by Marie Williams 

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