Artwork of Penny Parker


Raggedy Old Sandal

A fisherman was strolling

Along the ocean’s edge,

When suddenly a sandal,

He saw beneath a ledge.


That raggedy old sandal

Seemed worthless in his hands

Aged from years of walking

Over mountains, hills and sand.


The latch was clearly broken.

The threads were almost bare.

That raggedy old sandal

Was tattered everywhere.


Yet in his hands, he held it,

Clutching it quite tight.

That raggedy old sandal,

Spoke of someone’s plight.


He pondered of the owner,

And the stories it might tell.

Could it have been the Masters?

Were lots cast for it as well?


Was it simply a paupers,

Tossed carelessly aside?

Or had it landed on the ledge,

Washed by the ocean’s tide?


He placed it where he’d found it;

Then he slowly walked away.

He turned once more to look.

I then heard him say.


“You loved the rich and able.

You loved the pauper too.

You loved all of mankind,

For you walked in each man’s shoes.”


 Marie Williams
© 2004



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Dreamwork DesignsArtwork of Penny Parker

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