Ready For The Groom

Are you ready for the groom
Is your garment white as snow
Are you  patiently awaiting
To hear the trumpet blow?

Is your betrothed anticipating
To share in wedding bliss
Or will you be so busy
"Come up hither," you may miss.


The banquet is prepared
You could dine with the King
You could live with him forever
As His praises you would sing.


He's coming soon, get ready
It could even be today
Please don't hesitate too long
You don't want to hear Him say,


"You must depart, I never knew you,
I have come for my Bride,
She is clothed in glistening splendor,
From her face, I will not hide."


She will have no spot or blemish
Through my blood she'll enter in
Won't you pray and be ready
Are you cleansed from all your sin?


Please take heed the invitation
Walk in faith...On Him rely.
Trim your lamp, watch and wait.
Soon he'll split the eastern sky.

 Marie Williams
Copyright 2004




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Front Porch Inspirations - 2004

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