"Front Porch Inspirations"


Seems like only yesterday,

I held a tiny hand,

Counting all the times you fell,

As I watched you learn to stand.


I remember moving objects from,

Your path to keep you safe,

To only find you later,

Climbing o’er the baby gate.


School days left some memories,

Both good and sometimes bad.

Found you hiding in the attic,

O how we had to laugh.


On your sixteenth birthday,

We gave a Tonka truck.

It took a while for you to see,

The key inside, we’d tucked.


Then came graduation,

You had become a man,

Suddenly I realized…

I must release your hand.


Visions of your past,

Became sweet memories.

These treasures in my heart,

No one could steal from me.


Now you’ve found your calling,

‘Though many miles away.

I stand with pride and marvel,

What you’ve become today.


I’m resting in a promise,

That God alone can give,

Placing angels all around...

For as long as you shall live.


I'll sit here in my rocking chair,

During quiet times of rest,

Remembering as I searched the sky;

And I whispered, "I am blessed!"


© 2005 Marie Williams






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