~ A Secret Place ~

I have a secret place
I like to go each day.
When the day is filled with cares,
I often slip away.

The solitude I yearn for
Way down deep inside,
I find when I take time to go
All cares will soon subside.

I love my secret place
It affords to me some time,
To still my heart; be renewed,
My thoughts to organize.

You too need a place
That you can be alone,
To be refreshed; hear your heart,
Or sing a cheerful song.

A spirit lift of sorts,
It moves me through each day.
As the sun begins to set,
I quietly kneel to pray.

I thank the Lord for time well spent,
And for showing me this place.
I can be alone with him.
How I thank him for his Grace.

Marie Williams 2003


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Margi Harrell
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