"Gone Fishing"

     All this snow makes me yearn for some good old crappie fishing. If you're not a cold weather fisherman, you really should try it.

     Of course, I must confess, I do mine in a heated dock; and it helps to have theater seats...you know, the kind that rocks! Then I just drop my line, and wait for the big one!

     Yes I know that's a lazy way to fish, but it sure is relaxing to sit there with the dock rocking gently, enjoying the warmth of a wood-burning stove, smelling the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the thermos and no phone ringing.

     I am thankful that our livelihood doesn't depend on my fishing abilities though. I've spent many hours on a dock to go home empty handed and wished that the Lord had said, "cast out on the other side." Other times, I was certain that I heard him say, "Drop the line a little deeper," and when I did, I found them! Not the kind you have to throw back, oh no, these were keepers!

     There's a difference in fishing for fish, and fishing for men. With the fish, I have to work at it, use the right bait, (did I mention, get the line untangled off the brush?) Then there's the cleaning and filleting to be done. 

     With men, God gives us the opportunities, (praying for open doors,) The Holy Spirit draws them, Jesus saves and cleanses them; and we get brothers and sisters in Christ. What a blessing!

     Studying the scriptures recently I came across a verse I've read many times, but this time I stopped to meditate on it. Matthew 4: 19, And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. KJV

     Jesus was speaking to Simon Peter and his brother, Andrew. But he's speaking to us today. Follow me. If we are imitators of Christ, if we have continued to follow after Him, He will make us fishers of men. The Lord will teach us to be about the Father's business through the Holy Spirit. We will become fishers of men, and the transition will be an easy one.

     Learning to disciple doesn't have to be hard, or complicated. We can be mighty men and women of God!

     Test the waters. Come on, let's go fishing!

  2003-04 by Marie Williams




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