Helpful Hands

Big brothers come in handy
When two hands aren't enough
They help you with your ties
And other silly stuff....

Like, helping catch my pony
The day he wouldn't come
You gathered up some feed
So we didn't have to run.

You taught me how to rope
You headed while I heeled.
We were quite a team
In daddy's open fields.

You picked me up and dusted off...
My breeches...boy did that horse buck!
You didn't even laugh
At my misfortune... or bad luck

Now that we are grown-ups
You're still helping me today
You extend a hand of friendship
By my side, you always stay.

A helpful hand's extended
In all that I may do
I'll thank the Lord forever
I have a brother such as you.
2004 Marie Williams




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Front Porch Inspirations - 2004

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